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'A Natural Choice'

Oils, Scents & More's philosophy is based on the belief that the customer's needs are of utmost importance and I am committed to meeting those needs. With over 20 years experience in aromatherapy and over 10 years in the skincare industry I offer 'a natural choice'  that can leave you feeling amazing!

My concern now is how Covid 19 is affecting clients, friends, family and everyone else. Most of us today are experiencing some form of stress and anxiety that is affecting our bodies, our minds and our skin. Visit the section 'Aromatherapy & Covid 19  for more information on essential oils that you can benefit from at this time. Please take care, wear your mask and practice social distancing, this can make a difference.

Thank you and wishing 'Good Health to All'

Anna Paris

Licensed Facial Specialist

Certified Aromatherapist

[email protected]


Disclaimer/Important Message:

Please understand, essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used only as directed. The information provided on this website is strictly and only for educational purposes and not recommended or to be taken as a means of diagnosing or treating illnesses.

As an Aromatherapist and Skincare (facial) Specialist, I do not directly or indirectly dispense medical advice, nor do I prescribe any remedies or assume any responsibility for those who chose to treat themselves. Communication with your primary care physician is important and it is strongly advised that you inform him/her of any additional therapies complementary to your primary care that you wish to follow or use.