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In addition to using Aromatherapy, Oils, Scents & More believes in making 'a natural choice' for a good skin care regime. Product selection and use are two important factors in skincare maintenance. Using the wrong products can result in; poor skin condition, reactions/irritations, breakouts and in some cases the worsening of an existing condition. It's important to note, in order to get results, one must be consistent in their skin care regime. It really only takes a few minutes of your time each day to get a life time of results. Oils, Scents & More recommends and uses primarily natural based skin care products. There are  exceptions, such as products designed to work on more advance conditions such as acne and anti-aging.

We recommend products that will work best for your skin type, (verses OTC (over the counter) products that are generally labeled for the masses) as well as teach you how to have a good skin care regime.

What are the different Skin Types?

Normal: medium to smaller pores, no overly dry or oily areas, rarely find blemishes.

Dry: small pores, whole face is dry, does not produce enough oil. Some areas can be flaky.

Oily: large pores, whole face is oily, can show signs of breakouts. Acne prone.

Combination: large pores around the center of the face; known as the T zone (forehead, nose & chin) being the oily areas. Changing pore size to medium just outside that area, on the cheeks (dry area) outwards.

Sensitive: recently added to skin type category as one can be genetically predisposed. Formerly and still considered a condition, sensitive skin is characterized by redness and easily irritated by products and the environment; exposure to heat or sun.

What are considered some Skin Conditions? 

dehydration, adult acne, rosacea, pigmentation.

Important Steps for Good Skin Care:

Good Cleansing - for best results use a cleanser specifically designed for your skin type; lotion or cream base for dry/sensitive skin, foaming or gel for oily and combo skin.

Exfoliator - usually in a form of a scrub. Removes dead skin cell, loosens and help remove blackheads

Mask - clay, cream or gel based. Designed to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate, brighten, detox, deep cleanse and more.

Toner - removes any residue left from mask, help balance PH, help lock in moisture, firm up skin and some cases brighten skin tone.

Moisturizer - help lock in moisture, gives that soft supple look and depending on the moisturizer it can help with stimulating collagen and other necessary nutrients your skin may need.

The above are the 5 basic steps to a good skincare regime. Sun block is a must when going outside. Apply after (on top of) moisturizer or may not be needed if moisturizer contains SPF of at least 30. Also it should be applied just prior to going outside. Follow product instructions.