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Oils & Synergies

All essential oil blends; synergies and massage, are created by Certified Aromatherapist, Anna Paris. Custom blends and massage oils are available upon request and a consultation is needed prior to creating the these blend. For internal use (ingestion), Oils, Scents & More recommends the use of dried herbs in tea form.

All essential oils are pure whether they are single notes or used in blends. All massage blends are mixed with either Grape seed oil, Sweet Almond oil or Sesame seed oil. Information is listed on the bottle. Follow all instructions carefully.

Remember in the case of essential oils, 'more is not better'.

Some Available Single notes (individual oils)

Bergamot (citrus bergamia) Bergaptene Free: calming, uplifting. Helps reduce anxiety and nervous tension. Bergaptene free makes it safe if exposed to sunlight. Also deodorizes and freshens the atmosphere when used in a diffuser.

Eucalyptus(eucalyptus globulus): stimulant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. For rheumatism, arthritis and muscular aches and pains. Aids respiratory tract and is useful for sinusitis and head colds.

Caution: not advised for very young children or babies. Caution when used for seniors.

Geranium (pelargonium graveolens): help reduce stress and tension. Balancing, refreshing and toning. Calming in small amounts and stimulating in large amounts. For the body, it helps reduce appearance of wrinkles and cellulite. Stops bleeding from minor injuries by help clotting and restricting blood flow.

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia): the most versatile of all the oils. Sedative, antiseptic, antiviral, anti- fungal and anti-inflammatory. Effective for anxiety, tension, panic attacks, fatigue, nervous conditions, stress, rheumatism, arthritis, headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Lemon (citrus limonum): carminative, diuretic, immunostimulant, antibiotic. Effective for general fatigue, physical exhaustion, rheumatism, detoxification and depression.

Caution: do not apply directly or undiluted on skin. Do not expose skin to sun for at least 6 hrs. after applying a lemon oil or any citrus blend to skin. It can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and can cause spots or redness. 

Peppermint (mentha x piperita): antiseptic, carminative, stimulant, analgesic, antibiotic. Can stimulate the nervous system, increase energy and reduce fatigue. Relax muscle tension.

Caution: not to be used on babies or young children under 7 yrs of age or if your are pregnant. Can cause skin irritation. Do not use if taking homeopathic remedies. Do not use in baths. If you have high blood pressure, use with caution can raise pressure.

TeaTree (Melaleuca alternifolia): to fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses). For skin and hair, Tea Tree has been used to combat acne, oily skin, head lice and dandruff. Also for nail and foot fungus. Can be applied directly or in an oil blend. For feet use in a foot bath. Avoid contact with eyes.

Caution: may cause dermal sensitization in some people. Do not take internally.


A synergy is a blend of two or more undiluted essential oils and should be used only as directed. Generally 1-3 drops are used unless otherwise stated. In the case of diffusers, follow the manufacturers instruction. Below are a list of a few synergies available for purchase. Others are made upon request / made to order.

STRESS: For emotional and physical stress. Can be used in a bath, in a diffuser or 1-2 drops on a handkerchief or cotton ball and inhale.

HEADACHE: For headache pain due to stress and tension. Place a drop on tip of your index fingers and gently massage on each side of your forehead (temple area).

ENERGY / ALERT: For mental alertness or to wake up. Place a few drops in a diffuser to disperse in the room. Or place a few drops on a cotton ball and place in a glass dish out in the open. 

Caution is suggested when using any blend in any open public area.

MUSCLE ACHE: For chronic muscle, joint pain, arthritis and back aches. Can be used in a bath, or mix with a carrier oil for a massage. Max 12-15 drops per 1 oz of carrier oil ( sweet almond, grape seed etc).

PMS: For pre-menstrual mood swings, irritation. Can be used in a bath or by inhalation.

KITCHEN CLEANER: Cleans most of the kitchen; counters tops, appliances and tiles. It is non toxic and pleasant smelling. Mix blend in a 20-24 oz spray bottle filled with water, 1 drop of oil per ounce of water. Spray area or appliance and wipe with soft cloth.

Do not use on wood surfaces or any unprotected surfaces such as lacquer furniture or porous surfaces.

BATHROOM CLEANER: cleans, disinfects and controls mildew. Use on tub, sink, toilet and non porous surfaces. 24 oz spray bottle filled with water (same as kitchen cleaner), spray and wipe. For more abrasive cleaning include baking soda.

Some oils contained in these synergies may have contraindications, ask Aromatherapist or see bottle. For use in open areas, caution should be used if someone is prone to any type of seizures or respiratory conditions.

***If pregnant, have allergies or any other conditions please consult your doctor or aromatherapist before using any oils or blends